Loving My Insanity

Loving My Insanity

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Had to switch to a new blog...gotta love that ex!!!

Hey everyone. I'm just a little more than slightly irritated that I've had to start a whole new blog. My main one had been regularly updated since 2010.

I was just able to get into my other five blogs yesterday and changed all the settings, but because it was still hooked up to my old email, of course my ex received the notification and did as he did with my email of 14 years and my other two main Facebook accounts and my twitter account...he changed all of the information so that it is impossible for me to verify my identity.

Oh well, sometimes I'm not even really sure who I am anyways, hahaha.

I'm just going to make the best of it....or try to anyways! 

I would very much appreciate if you would follow me by Google+ just this once, even if you NEVER take another look at this blog again. I need my followers back so that I'm able to start reviewing again. I had well over 1500 on main blog, over 2500 on Facebook. Almost 1200 on Twitter, etc, etc, etc.

But...starting over is getting really familiar to me, so here we go again.

Thanks everyone!!! Oh and if you don't know what my main blog is all about....it's reviews and giveaways...everything from books to major items!!! Like I mean sometimes the values are well over $300. So, if that kind of thing interests you, stop by on a regular basis.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone!!